• 1991/2014-Saturday Night Live 1991: Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row... /2014: Andrew Garfield/Coldplay... Jack Bauer

    Saison 17,  Ep. 5

    Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row (2 Nov. 1991)

    1991 -Saturday Night Live











    Host: Kiefer Sutherland

    Musical Guest: Skid Row

    Special Guests:  Ken Stabler


    Kiddie Metal

    An infomercial for Kiddie Metal, an album of kid-friendly songs including "Jimmy Crack Corn" and "Old MacDonald" performed by rockers Slash (Kiefer Sutherland) and Axl Rose (Adam Sandler) of Guns N' Roses.

     1991 -Saturday Night Live


    Kiefer Sutherland is playing Slash skid row kiddie metal

    Axl Rose (Adam Sandler) and Slash (Kiefer Sutherland) sing you to sleep!

     1991 -Saturday Night Live

    SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 5 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kiefer Sutherland as Slash, Adam Sandler as Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach, Rachel Bolan, during the 'Kiddie Metal' skit on December 2, 1991 (Photo by Raymond Bonar/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

    Daily Affirmation: Stuart's Cousin Leon

    On his show "Daily Affirmation", Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) is joined by his cousin Leon Smalley (Kiefer Sutherland). Leon has his own, more successful show, that is basically identical to Smalley's. Smalley is intensely jealous.

    1991/2014-Saturday Night Live 1991: Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row... /2014: Andrew Garfield/Coldplay... Jack Bauer   1991/2014-Saturday Night Live 1991: Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row... /2014: Andrew Garfield/Coldplay... Jack Bauer

    1991/2014-Saturday Night Live 1991: Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row... /2014: Andrew Garfield/Coldplay... Jack Bauer

    All Things Scottish: Reunited

    When abrasive storeowner Stuart Rankin (Mike Myers), whose shop only sells Scottish paraphenalia, is reunited with his estranged brother (Kiefer Sutherland), it becomes clear that they love and hate each other in equal measure.


    1991 -Saturday Night Live    

    1991/2014-Saturday Night Live 1991: Kiefer Sutherland/Skid Row... /2014: Andrew Garfield/Coldplay... Jack Bauer




      1991 -Saturday Night Live


    1991 -Saturday Night Live 1991 -Saturday Night Live 1991 -Saturday Night Live 1991 -Saturday Night Live 1991 -Saturday Night Live

    1991 -Saturday Night Live 1991 -Saturday Night Live

    1991 -Saturday Night Live 



     1991 -Saturday Night Live


    Sketches : "Testifying for the Kennedys," "Lung Brush," "Campaign '92," "Whose Ass Should I Kiss?," "Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley," "Deep Thoughts," "Kiddie Metal," "The Scottish Store," "Phone Illiteracy," and "I'm Chillin'." Skid Row performs "Pieces of Me", "Monkey Business.

    Un épisode typique de SNL met en vedette un hôte unique, qui énonce le monologue d'ouverture et exécute des sketchs avec le casting, ainsi qu'un invité musical unique, qui effectue deux ou parfois trois numéros musicaux.

    Les sketchs, entrecoupés de segments musicaux, sont souvent des parodies de la culture et de la politique américaine contemporaine. L'ensemble de l'émission est diffusée en direct (Live), et les différentes saynètes sont interprétées par le casting régulier (Cast, appelé aussi Not Ready For Prime Time Players, littéralement « acteurs pas prêts pour le Prime Time  ») et par les invités ou hôtes hebdomadaires (appelés Guests ou Hosts), souvent des personnalités du cinéma ou de la télévision, accompagnés par des invités musicaux qui interprètent l'une de leurs chansons.

    Part 1


    Part 2



    Who’s Ass Should I Kiss

    Executive #1.....Kevin Nealon
    Exec. #2.....Dana Carvey
    Exec. #3.....Julia Sweeney
    Jeffrey.....Kiefer Sutherland
    Larry.....Rob Schnieder
    Host.....Phil Hartman
    Delivery Man.....Adam Sandler

    Don Pardo: Welcome again to ‘Who’s Ass Should I Kiss’. With your host, Dale Robbins.

    Host: Thank you and welcome. As always on ‘Who’s Ass Should I Kiss’, 2 contestants from the same company will go head to head to figure out which one of these 3 persons is in fact a very important executive in their firm and who in turn could really help their career. The other 2 are imposters. Let’s watch our contestants try to climb the corporate ladder by asking themselves ‘Who’s Ass Should I Kiss?’. But first let’s meet our contestants: Jeffrey Hensen and Larry Turner. Jeffrey and Larry are both low level grunts who make cold calls for the investment firm Shearse and Layman.

    Jeffrey: I just want to say Dale before we start that this is by far the greatest game show today, and you are my favorite game show host.

    Larry: Yes I agree. This show is important to me. It’s always been there to give me a lift when I’ve needed it.

    Jeffrey: Dale ive been a fan of yours since back in the 70’s Devil’s Deal the way you make everybody feel so welcome

    Larry: Yes I agree this show is like a family to me.

    Host: Ok Ok I think you guys are ready to play. It should be quite a contest. But you better focus your ass kissing in that direction. [points to execs]

    Larry: I hear ya amigo.

    Host: Jeffrey let’s begin with you.

    Jeffrey: Executive #1, we work in the same building. Which building is that? And by the way that’s a very nice suit you have on- is it an Armani?

    Exec. #1: we work in the World Trade Center, and yes, thank you, it is an Armani.

    Larry: Yes I agree, wonderful suit, excellent choice.

    Host: Larry it’s not your turn.

    Larry: Well said.

    Host: Jeffrey you have 5 points, nice job.

    Larry: Yes I agree, nice job. [buzzer sound]

    Host: Larry! That’s minus 5 points for ass kissing your opponent.

    Larry: I deserve it.

    Host: Jeff please continue.

    Jeffrey: It’ll be my pleasure. Executive #2, not everybody has the drive to succeed that you so obviously have. Can you give some advice to those of us who are not as gifted.

    Exec. #2: Well thank you very much. I say if you want to succeed you work hard, play hard and keep your mouth shut.

    Host: Jeffrey another 5 points, excellent ass kissing.

    Jeffrey: you’re not so bad yourself Dale.

    Host: Well thank you. Alright Larry it’s your turn.

    Larry: Executive #2, I’m almost inclined to think you’re way to young and handsome to be an executive. Surely you must be a movie star or something.

    Exec #2: So you think I’m too young to be an executive? Is that what you’re saying?

    Larry: No, I, I-[buzzer]

    Host: oooooh. That’s another minus 5 points for insulting executive #2.

    Larry: I would like to take this time to formally apologize to executive #2 for even suggesting-

    Host: Larry stop your ass kissing. It’s not your turn. Jeffrey back to you.

    Jeffrey: executive #3. forgive me but I can’t help myself. Are you wearing the perfume Shalamar?

    Exec #3: why yes.

    Jeffrey: doesn’t it take a special kind of woman to carry that off?

    Exec #3: you’re right. [ringing]

    Host: Jeffrey you’re on a roll. Excellent work there Jeffrey. Larry you’re falling behind a little bit.

    Larry: Executive #1, so many less talented people surround themselves with yes men. Yet you’ve chosen people who challenge you and raise standards. [buzzer sound]

    Host: Ah that’s what I thought. That’s not a question, that’s just blatant brown nosing. Another minus 5.

    Larry: I’m not ashamed, I’d do it again.

    Host: Alright Jeffrey your turn.

    Jeffrey: Executive #1, do you find that your legendary sexual prowess enhances your work, or that your work enhances your legendary sexual prowess?

    Exec #1: Well I have to admit I get my fair share.

    Host: Hehehe alright. Hey hey what’s this?

    Delivery Man: I have a dozen roses to be delivered to Executive #3.

    Exec #3: Oh they’re perfect.

    Jeffrey: It was me that got them for you, think nothing of it. It was the least I could do.

    Exec #3: Oh Jeffrey you’re so thoughtful.

    Host: [ringing sound] 25 bonus points!!

    Larry: Yes very thoughtful.

    Host: What’s that Larry?

    Larry: I didn’t say anything.

    Host: Alright. Jeffrey it’s still your turn.

    Jeffrey: Executive #2 you’re very tan and your skin is so youthful while others around you have given in to stress with such a demanding schedule. How have you managed to stop your aging process?

    Exec #2: Just good genes I guess.

    Host: [ring] Very good. Larry, your turn.

    Larry: Executive #1, you’re obviously a very generous and talented man. What sexual favor would you like? [off beat buzzer sound]

    Host: Oooh. I’m afraid we’ve run out of time Larry. And you have no points. I’m afraid you won’t be around to play final ass kissing.

    Larry: I just want to say it’s been a great experience, one that I’ll always treasure. When I look back-

    Host: Oh shut up. [Larry heads out of room] Don Pardo tell Jeffrey what he’ll be playing for.

    Don Pardo: Dale may I say you’ve handled tonight’s show masterfully.

    Host: [gives kissing gesture]

    Don Pardo: Jeffrey you’ll be playing for a ten thousand dollar a year raise, a life time membership to the company’s exercise room and spa and your own name stenciled parking space in the company garage. Back to you Dale.

    Host: Ok you’re the best Don Pardo.

    Don Pardo: No you are!

    Host: It’s final ass kissing time Jeff, who’s it going to be?

    Jeffrey: Well Dale it’s a difficult choice, they’re all so good. While executive #2 is a very talented executive who I’m sure is not going to let anything stop him from getting to the top of the ladder, and Executive #3 while she’s a very attractive woman who has managed to succeed in a viciously male dominated environment yet has retained all of her femininity, I’ve decided to kiss executive #1’s ass because, well I’ve seen him in the elevator a couple times.

    Host: Alright congratulations Jeffrey you’ve kissed butt correctly!

    [Jeffrey and Exec. #1 shake hands]

    Host: Bye everybody see ya tomorrow.

    Don Pardo: ‘Who’s Ass Should I Kiss’ is an Arsenio Hall production.

    Campaign '92: The Race To Avoid Being The Guy Who Loses To Bush

    Moderator.....Julia Sweeney
    Sen. Bill Bradley.....Kevin Nealon
    Congressman Dick Gephardt.....Dana Carvey
    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen.....Keifer Sutherland
    Tipper Gore.....Victoria Jackson
    Gov. Mario Cuomo.....Phil Hartman
    Moderator: Good evening. I'm Fay Sullivan, of the League of Women Voters. Welcome to this, the first in a series of debates among the five leading Democrats who are trying to avoid being forced by their party into a hopeless race against President George Bush. Most of them have already announced that they're not interested in the nomination. But each, of course, is under enormous pressure to be the "chump" who will take on the futile task of running against this very, very popular incumbent. They are.. Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey..

    Sen. Bill Bradley: I am not a candidate for President in 1992.

    Moderator: House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri..

    Congressman Dick Gephardt: I do not seek my party's nomination.

    Moderator: Sen. Lloyd Bentsen of Texas..

    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen: I do not wish to be my party's nominee in the next election.

    Moderator: Here for her husband, Sen. Al Gore of Tennessee, Tipper Gore..

    Tipper Gore: He's not interested.

    Moderator: And Gov. Mario Cuomo, of New York.

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: No way!

    Moderator: Gov. Cuomo, let's begin with you. In a way, one might say there's no reason for any of you to be forced into this race. After all, there are already several announced candidates for the Democratic nomination - Sen. Kerrey, Sen. Harkin, fomer Gov. Brown, and so on. Why is your party beggin you, or any of you, to enter the race?

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: Fay, I don't know. But I'll tell you something - if the Democratic Party were to make me its candidate in 1992, it would go down as its worse defeat in history.

    Sen. Bill Bradley: Oh, come on, Mario! You're probably the best candidate we've got!

    Everyone: Cuomo! Cuomo! Cuomo! Cuomo!

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: Please, please! Bill! Now, I resent the implication that I'm the strongest candidate here. Let's be frank - you're far better than any of us, or have you forgotten your brilliant play as you led the New York Knicks to victory in the 1973 NBA Finals?

    Everyone: Bradley! Bradley! Bradley! Bradley!

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: Now, Bill, you could show me polls that have me losing to Bush by 7 points, and I can show you polls that have me losing to Bush by 40 points - that's not the issue! The issue is my record. After eight years of my mismanagement as governor, the economy of New York State is in a shambles! Now, I don't think anyone here can point to a record like that.

    Congressman Dick Gephardt: Now, wait a minute..

    Moderator: Congressman Gephardt?

    Everyone: Gephardt! Gephardt! Gephardt! Gephardt!

    Congressman Dick Gephardt: Well, hold on! Now, if you wanna talk about shambles, let's talk about the U.S. House of Representatives, of which I am the Majority Leader. You know, the real enemy facing this country isn't the Soviets, it isn't the Japanese - it's people like me! And the American people know it. The fact is, I couldn't beat David Duke in Harlem! What this party needs is someone with the vision, the integrity, and the guts of an Al Gore.

    Everyone: Gore! Gore! Gore! Gore!

    Tipper Gore: That isn't fair! My husband isn't here tonight to answer to that kind of smear!

    Congressman Dick Gephardt: Then, I have to ask you, if your husband doesn't think he should be this party's nominee, why didn't he bother to show up here tonight?

    Tipper Gore: My husband is with our kids at a gay porno theater.

    Everyone: Oh, come on! Come on!

    Moderator: Gentlemen, please! Sen. Bentsen, we haven't heard from you yet.

    Everyone: Bentsen! Bentsen! Bentsen! Bentsen!

    Moderator: Please.. please.. Senator, tell us why Lloyd Bentsen should not be President.

    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen: Oh, Fay, there are so many reasons. But, ultimately, it comes down to one - this election is about ideas. And the fact is, I have none. Nothing, covers empty, nada, not a one! You know, I remind myself of that commercial, "Where's The Beef?" And that's the problem with Lloyd Bentsen - where's the beef?

    Sen. Bill Bradley: Uh, may I?

    Moderator: Sen. Bradley?

    Sen. Bill Bradley: What about me? If Lloyd wants to talk about lack of substance, I say what about me? I'm an ex-jock. End of story. The fact is, Lloyd is one of the finest minds in the Senate! In fact, he reminds many of us of another great democrat - John F. Kennedy.

    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen: Sen Bradley, I knew Jack Kennedy.. I worked with Jack Kennedy.. I am no Jack Kennedy.

    Sen. Bill Bradley: Senator, that was uncalled for.

    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen: The fact is, when most people hear the name Lloyd Bentsen, they don't think of Jack Kennedy; they think of two other fellows - Michael Dukakis and Willie Horton.

    Tipper Gore: Lloyd, that is shameless!

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: Sen. Bentsen, I resent the suggestion that you are somehow more the candidate of Willie Horton than anyone else here! The fact is, as governor of New York, I have pardoned criminals far worse than Willie Horton! Including key figures in organized crime, who happen top be close friends of mine! Yes! I'm talking about the mob!

    Moderator: Well.. gentlemen, Mrs. Gore.. we've reached the end of our alotted time. Each of you is now allowed a brief closing statement. Let's begin with Tipper Gore.

    Tipper Gore: Thank you, Fay. I'm a mother of three children, and, like any mother, I want the best possible future for my kids. When I think of a future with my husband as President, frankly, I'm scared. Thank you.

    Moderator: Congressman Gephardt?

    Congressman Dick Gephardt: There's a feeling abroad in this land. You can sense it from the textile workers in South Carolina, from machinists in Detroit, and ranchers in Wyoming. The feeling that Dick Gephardt repreents everything that's wrong with this country. You don't want me as your president, and neither do I. I want to remain in Congress. After all, that's where the money is - your money. Thank you.

    Moderator: Sen. Bradley?

    Sen. Bill Bradley: Well, there are people that will tell you that I can beat George Bush. Why? Because I'm a sports celebrity. But I think you, the American people, are smarter than that. You want a leader you can defend against terrorism, not jump shots; who can make a foreign policy, not an inbound pass; a leader who can run an economy, not a three-man weave. If America ever needs a man in a low post.. perhaps I'm the guy.. but, when it comes to our nation's highest post, I just don't cut it. Thank you.

    Moderator: And now, Sen. Bentsen.

    Sen. Lloyd Bentsen: I'm old.. and I'm only gonna be getting older. Older and more confused. Hell, I can't tell you all the names of the people that are standing right here. One thing I can tell you, is that George Bush would beat the living bejebus out of me. He's done it before, just ask a couple friends of mine - Michael Dukakis and Willie Horton.

    Moderator: And, finally, Gov. Cuomo.

    Gov. Mario Cuomo: Thank you, Fay. Tonight, we've heard a lot about images of perception, about what poll shows what candidate losing by the least to whom at any given time.. Now, I could stand here and talk about the inaccuracy of polling, or the subjective nature of the process - but that's not the real issue here! The real issue is simple - I.. have.. mob ties!

    Moderator: Well, that brings to a close, the first in a series of Democratic Presidential debates. Thank you, all of you, for your participation here tonight. And I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind our viewers at home that democracy works only when you vote. When you don't take the time to vote for the candidate you find the least offensive, you run the risk of electing the candidate you find the most offensive. Good night.

    All Things Scottish

    Stuart Rankin.....Mike Myers
    Customer #1.....Dana Carvey
    Rodney.....Tim Meadows
    Customer #2.....Phil Hartman
    Ronnie Rankin.....Keifer Sutherland
    Customer #3.....Victoria Jackson
    [ Customer #1 enters All Things Scottish ]

    Stuart Rankin: Welcome to All Things Scottish - if it's not Scottish, it's craaaapp!! Can I help ye?

    Customer #1: Yeah, I'd like a poster of the guy who played Scotty on "Star Trek", have you got that?

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, aye. James Doogan, yeah, right there. [ grabs poster ] That'll be $7.42, please. [ goes to register ] Ah, the machine doesn't work, I'll have to pay you back later..

    Customer #1: Okay.. sure. [ exits ]

    Stuart Rankin: Rodney!! Rodney!! Get out here, and bring some more Scotty posters, would ye?!

    Rodney: [ enters from back room ] Man, Stuart, why don't you chill, man?

    Stuart Rankin: Oh.. I'll chill you in a second! Alright, go and sort out those shortbreads, would ye? Alrighty. Rodney?

    Rodney: What's up, man?

    Stuart Rankin: Ah, I have a question for ye - are you wearing underwear under that kilt?

    Rodney: What? Yeah, of course I'm wearing underwear!

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, no, no, no.. you shouldn't wear underwear under that kilt. A real man doesn't wear insurance.

    Rodney: Yeah, well, a real man doesn't wear a kilt.

    Stuart Rankin: [ chuckling ] Ohhh-ho-ho, oh how very clever! But I don't know why you'd say something like that, knowing that I might come after you with butchering tools! [ they raise their fists, as Customer #2 enters ] You're lucky! [ returns to the counter ] Welcome to All Things Scottish - if it's not Scottish, it's craaaapp!! Can I help ye?

    Customer #2: Uh, yeah.. a friend of mine's Scottish, and he's getting married, so I gotta buy a kilt.

    Stuart Rankin: Well, you've come to the right store.

    Customer #2: Now, the kilts you have are 100% Scotch kilts, correct?

    Stuart Rankin: Well, actually, that's Scots kilt. Scotch is a drink; Scots are a people. But we're both great-tasting!

    Customer #2: [ smiles uncomfortably ] Alright.. now in Scotland, do men wear kilts all the time?

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, aye. It's a very manly garb.

    Customer #2: Yeah, but I like it, too! [ laughs ]

    Stuart Rankin: Come again?

    Customer #2: You know what I'm talking about - [ in funny voice ] ..cartoon stars, clovers!

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, aye.. except, what you're talking about is Irish.. and I am, in fact, Scottish. Now, GET OUT!! GET OUT, Mr. No Can Tell The Difference Between Scotland And Ireland!! [ Customer #2 flees quickly ] I'll be in the back!

    [ Ronnie Rankin enters the store ]

    Rodney: Hi. Welcome to All Things Scottish - if it's not Scottish, it's crap! Can I help you?

    Ronnie Rankin: Does a Mr. Stuart Rankin work here?

    Rodney: Uh, yeah, he's in the back. Who should I say is here?

    Ronnie Rankin: Tell him it's his brother Ronnie from Glasgow.

    Rodney: Uh, Stuart, you're brother's here!

    Stuart Rankin: [ steps out with arms crossed ] What are you wanting?

    Ronnie Rankin: Oh, I came to say Sorry.

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, aye, you're sorry, are ye, after all these years?

    Ronnie Rankin: Are you going to accept my apology, Stuart?

    Stuart Rankin: Now, why should I accept the apology of a crazy bastard like YOU, you JERK?!!

    [ they raise their fists ]

    Ronnie Rankin: Well, just remember this crazy little bastard's the only brother you've got!

    Stuart Rankin: [ lowers fist ] Aw, that's not fair.. I love you!

    Ronnie Rankin: I love you, you bastard!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you, you bastard!

    Ronnie Rankin: Come on, let's have a drink!

    Stuart Rankin: Come again?

    Ronnie Rankin: Let's break up a little whiskey, and have a drink.

    Stuart Rankin: That's it, I'll KILL you!

    Rodney: Come on, Stuart, come on, man, he's your brother, he just wants to have a drink!

    Stuart Rankin: Mind your own business, Rodney, you don't know the whole story! Have a look at this! [ reveals scar across his back ]

    Rodney: Oh, man.. that's a nasty scar, what did he, cut you?

    Stuart Rankin: No, it's a surgery scar. I, uh, gave him one of my kidneys.

    Rodney: And?

    Stuart Rankin: And.. he drinks like a fish! He's always piss-steaming drunk! He's gonna ruin my kidney!

    Ronnie Rankin: It's my kidney now, you bastard!

    [ they raise their fists again ]

    Stuart Rankin: What if I take it back?!

    Ronnie Rankin: What if I smash a brick in your face, you bloody little bugger?

    Stuart Rankin: Rodney! Rodney, get my butchering tools, I'm gonna defloor him like a shag pile!

    Ronnie Rankin: I hope you've got a thirsty mouth, laddie, because this is gonna be a mudbath!

    Stuart Rankin: You're a dead man!

    Ronnie Rankin: That's not a nice way to speak to your only.. brother.

    Stuart Rankin: [ lowers fist ] Aw, that's not fair.. I love you!

    Ronnie Rankin: I love you!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you so much, it hurts!!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you! Just like the movie "Ghost"?. Alright.. perhaps you can have a wee taste of Scotch, it's not gonna hurt my kidney too much.. [ pours some Scotch into two shot glasses ]

    Ronnie Rankin: Well, give me a wee bit more Scotch than that..

    Stuart Rankin: [ raises fist ] That's it! That kidney is mine!

    Ronnie Rankin: It's not, you Indian giver, it's my kidney, and I've been looking after it just fine, thank you!

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, do you think I'm stupid? I bet by now my kidney's so abused, it's starting to look like Sputnik!

    Ronnie Rankin: Shut your guff, you wee little girl!

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, that's it! One laser incision in the small of your back, and away we go, Mr. Kidney!

    Ronnie Rankin: Oh, yeah? I'll kick you so hard in the groonies, you'll be peeing out your mouth!

    Stuart Rankin: Well, at least I've got groonies!

    Ronnie Rankin: Oh, yeah? Well, at least I've got a brother!

    Stuart Rankin: [ lowers fist ] Aw, no fair.. I love you!

    Ronnie Rankin: I love you!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you!

    Ronnie Rankin: I love you!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you!

    [ Customer #2 enters ]

    Welcome to All Things Scottish - if it's not Scottish, it's craaaapp!! Can I help ye?

    Customer #3: Um.. do you have family tartans?

    Stuart Rankin: Oh, aye, we do, yes. And, what's your family's name?

    Customer #3: Grotowsky?

    Stuart Rankin: Growtowsky? Oh, the Growtowsky tartan.. from the Voyeur Hojets klan of tartans, I suppose? Now, GET OUT!! GET OUT, Mrs. No Can Understand Her Own Ethnic Background!! GET OUT!! [ she runs out ]

    Ronnie Rankin: I love you!

    Stuart Rankin: I love you! Come on, let's have a drink now!

    [ fade out on Stuart and Ronnie finally having their drink together ]

    SNL Transcripts

    2014 -24: Live Another Day


    3 mai 2014 - Andrew Garfield - The Beygency - SNL 5-3-14

    Cameo in SNL

    Quelle mouche a piqué Andrew Garfield ? De nos jours, critiquer Beyoncé ou dire du mal de sa musique relève de l'inconscience. Les nombreux fans de la chanteuse n'hésitent pas à monter au créneau et prendre sa défense à la moindre offense. En plus de ses fans, Queen Bey peut désormais compter sur "The Beygency", une agence imaginée par Andrew Garfield pour l'émission de divertissement Saturday Night Live qui a eu pour résultat un sketch hilarant de 4 minutes. 

    Même Jack Bauer n'y peut rien...

    C'est l'interprète de Spiderman himself qui est venu présenter le sketch dans l'émission de Jimmy Fallon. Avec la complicité d'une équipe de production, l'acteur de 30 ans a imaginé un monde infernal que la femme de Jay-Z dominerait. Ainsi, en expliquant ne pas être fan du dernier single Drunk in love de Beyoncé, il se retrouve pourchassé par The Beygency, des fans représentés par hommes sombres voir inhumains. Un sort cruel attend ainsi Andrew Garfield et même Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) que l'on découvre en fan inconditionnel de Rihanna ne peut rien pour lui... booska-p.com



    Dans le sketch, Andrew Garfield avoue son aversion de la chanson  de Beyonce "Drunk in Love" et risque sa vie par «La Beygency," une agence de gouvernement de l'ombre qui élimine tous ceux qui osent critiquer Beyonce.
    Garfield obtient une aide surprise de fans de Rihanna Jack Bauer et Chloe O'Brian qui essaient de l'aider à fuir le paysMais lorsque Jack et Chloé conviennent que Beyonce a seulement une seule bonne chanson, ils sont rapidement blessé par Le Beygency


    1991 -Saturday Night Live / 2014 - Cameo in SNL

    1991 -Saturday Night Live / 2014 - Cameo in SNL




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